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Mahara's Social Contribution
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Recognising the social responsibility Mahara is bound to as an active member of the society; Mahara launched an initiative entitled ‘Our Future Our Children.’ This initiative aims at making a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with the opportunity to get out of their environment, experience new challenges, learn about their country, build their self confidence, learn new skills and to acquire good memories towards becoming active citizens. In its core, this project hopes that these children feel cared for.

In each cycle, Mahara works with both an NGO and a corporate to create a Public Private Partnership towards implementing the initiative.

Mahara CSR initiative: SOS Village
Summer 2007

Mahara teamed up with ‘Challenger Team,’ a professional group that conducts summer camps and activities around Jordan for SOS Orphanage children. A summer program was organized for girls and boys aged 10-16 years old; it included several activities, camps and visits to different places in Jordan encouraging their athletic and creative skills. Corporate sponsors, Al Kawn.

Mahara CSR initiative: Mabarat Um Al-Hussein Orphanage
Summer 2008

Mahara organized a summer camp for Mabarat Um Al- Hussein Orphanage children to introduce extracurricular activities during the Summer vacation,  Mahara invited volunteers to conduct a variety of activities in drama, taekwondo, Adobe Photoshop program and English language. In addition, children got to participate in the camp organized by the Children’s Museum. Corporate sponsors ,  Al Kawn.

Mahara CSR initiative: Jabal Amman Residential Association (JARA)
Winter 2009

Mahara is currently working in collaboration with the Jabal Amman Residential Association on various social and educational schemes in the JARA neighbourhood. The project aims to enable the pubic schools in the neighbourhood to take an active social role within their communities and introduce creative after school clubs. These clubs will allow students from the area to express themselves through film, photography, visual arts, theater and music.

Furthermore, Mahara will conduct a study to see the needs and requirements of the schools and meet them by reaching out for support from private sector companies.  Mahara also plans a series of lectures on various themes such as health, nutrition and safety for the students and their families to enhance general awareness.