“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”


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Samar Haj Hasan | Partner & Chief Consultant

Samar Haj Hasan started her career in development in 1998. In ten years, she has acquired a vast  knowledge and understanding in the fields of development nationally and internationally.

Her working experience at the Jordan River Foundation as a manager of the Child Safety Program and at the National Council for Family Affairs as a Deputy Secretary General and a current Board Member provided her with the knowledge and expertise to understand social and human development at implementation and policy development levels.

In 2007, Samar ran for parliament elections with the hopes to participate at the decision making level in taking the real issues that affect people’s lives to the highest legislative and policy making body. She is a member of various associations and organizations and sits on many committees locally and internationally related to development, family and society. Equipped with a professional, dymanic and extensive experience in development Samar co-founded Mahara in April 2006.


After 20 years of work, it was time to invest my acquired knowledge, expertise and contacts in building a career where I can combine my passion for public service, social responsibility and innovation with my desire to attend to family responsibilities.


Creating the first consultancy firm in development in Jordan was an adventure that included risks and opportunities. Everyday that passes, I realize that it was the right choice, every new day is proof that one can successfully house and nurture a personal passion towards serving the community within a professional structure.  


Samar Haj Hasan