Project Development & Management

Sustainable development is to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) 1987

“If civilization has risen from the Stone Age, it can rise again from the Wastepaper Age”

Jacques Barzun

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Project Development & Management

Establishing Three Integrated Social Services Centers (ISSC)
The World Bank / Ministry of Social Development

Desember 2010

Mahara is contracted by the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) under the Social Protection Enhancement Project to transform the MoSD social care, rehabilitation and welfare services, beginning from converting its existing centers into Integrated Social Service Centers (ISSC) along the concept of one-stop shop.

Mahara is contracted to conduct the assignment to develop and implement a MasterPlan to upgrade three existing MoSD community social centers into Integrated Social Services Centers (ISSC), along with the one stop shop model over a period of two years.

Public Awareness Campaign on changing the Jordanians’ current perception, attitude and beliefs towards taxes
Prisma Advertising

December 2010

Mahara is contracted by Prisma to work on the Public Awareness Campaign which aims at changing the Jordanians’ current perception, attitude and beliefs towards taxes.

Mahara main role is to conduct focus groups to gather valuable insight into ‘why’ the audience thinks and acts in a certain way towards taxes. To pre-test the Campaign’s materials developed by Prisma and to monitor and evaluate the Campaign.

UN Consultation Meetings
UNIFEM – (Part of UN Women)

December 2010

Mahara is contracted by UNIFEM to participate in three days consultation meetings on the role and function of UN Women in the Arab region to capture the discussion by participants during group discussion and to produce comprehensive written notes on the discussion and provide the input to assist the report writer in preparing the final report.

Engendering the Public Sphere
Nuqul Group- Jordan

July 2009

Mahara is contracted to work on a project entitled “Engendering the Public Sphere” being implemented by Nuqul Group and The Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) in Jordan, and The Danish Center for Research on Women and Gender KVINFO in Denmark. The project’s overall objective is to help create a public sphere that is more open to women's participation in the Economic life, and this includes both public and private sectors.

Mahara was contracted to implement this project by conducting 2 workshops and 1 training session for private sector women business owners as well as private sector Human Resource Managers.

Arab Men and Women Parliamentarians’ project document.
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

June 2008

Mahara was contracted to develop the ‘Arab Men and Women Parliamentarians’ project document.

The Family Justice Center
Vital Voices – Washington DC

January 2008

Mahara is contracted as the chief consultant in the planning for the establishment of a center in Jordan similar to the one-stop shop, co-located services center found in San Diego and all over the world: The Family Justice Center. This Center provides services and support for victims of family abuse all under one roof. Mahara will be leading the Jordanian team comprised of experts in the field of family protection in the planning and preparation for such a center in Jordan.

Samar Haj Hassan’s electoral campaign
Samar Haj Hassan Parliamentary Electoral Campaign

August 2007

Management and Advisement of Samar Haj Hassan’s electoral campaign running for the 15th Parliament

Public Diplomacy
British Council – Jordan.


Mahara is contracted to design three 'Youth Based' projects under the 'Public Diplomacy' Initiative.

Promoting Women’s Rights in Jordan
Freedom House - Jordan

April 2006

Mahara was contracted to provide technical planning, management and supervision of “Training of Trainers” component under the “Promoting Women’s Rights in Jordan” project.

Violence against Women
O'Hanlon Health Consulting

March 2006

Mahara was contracted as a national technical advisor for developing the strategic plan to integrate the ‘Violence against Women’ componentconcept in the “Private Sector Project” 2005-2008 working strategy in Jordan.
This program is funded by USAID-Jordan..

Advocacy Plan
O'Hanlon Health Consulting


Mahara was contracted as a technical advisor for developing the strategy and design of the Private Sector Project "Advocacy Plan".
This program is funded by USAID-Jordan.

Establishing Maan Community Radio & Establishing Jordanian Youth Parliament
British Council – Jordan

2006 - 2007

Mahara is the technical manager of the 'Establishing Maan Community Radio' Project 2006.
Mahara is the technical manager of the 'Establishing Jordanian Youth Parliament' Project 2007.
Both projects are funded by the British Embassy in Jordan.

Global Women Action Network Conference in Jordan
HMQ Rania Al-Abdullah Office


Mahara provided technical advice to plan and manage the international “Global Women Action Network Conference” in Jordan.