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2006-2007. Mahara was contracted as the monitoring and evaluation specialist by the State University of New York (SUNY), the implementing agency for the 4 year Legislation Strengthen Program. Mahara was responsible for developing the new Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (PMEP) and writing a deliverable report to USAID on the status of PMEP.

2008. Mahara was contracted as the national evaluator in an international evaluation team that assigned to conduct a ‘Country Program Evaluation’ of the ILO operations in Jordan since 1996.

2007-2008 Mahara was contracted by Jordan River Foundation to design and conduct a quantitative socio-economic survey of and a qualitative needs assessment and economic opportunities survey of Old Town Aqaba.  Also Mahara was contracted to construct a GIS system of Old Town Aqaba. The outcomes of this survey were used to guide Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) in the development of the area, taking into account the social, cultural, economic, health, and educational aspects and characteristics of Old Town Aqaba.